Our manufacuring facilities are certified ISO 9001:2000 and licensed class1 pressure vessel manufactures by Lloyd's with over 3,500 units of boilers

( Range 0.5 MWe – 10 MWe )

What is a mini power plant?

* Electrical power from solid waste material wood, palm fibre/shell, EFB ( empty fruit bunch), rice husks, coconut shall coir, bagasse, other agri waste or-generally known as biomass.
* Electrical power from hot waste gases-diesel gensets, incinerator, process gases/exhaust.
* Electrical power from renewable source-wood plantations, rubber plantation (branches and twigs) biogas.
* Electrical power from fossil fuel including coal

Compelling reasons for building a mini power plant.
* Remoteness of production site.
* Availability of specific waste sources.
* Lowering your cost of energy.
* Renewable energy sources in the specific industry.
* Meeting environmental obligations.

Ways to build a mini power plant.
* By CHP-combined heat and power scenario or cogeneration.
* Purely electrical power.
* Combination of both.

What we can offer you?
* Study of plant’s requirements on power consumption, process energy needs, tariffs and energy sources available.
* Selection of equipment suitable to the plant from various aspects of financial, operation, maintenance and service, giving an industry-specific equipment.
* Power plant options for the conditions audited.
* Further possibility of energy recovery.
* Feasibility study of the proposed plant.

What makes up the power plant?
* Fuel preparation equipment
* Silo and fuel feeding system
* Water treatment system
* Performance efficiency enhancing equipment
* Air-pollution control equipments
* Ash and residue handling system
* Steam turbine and generator
* Condenser and cooling tower
* Switchgears, metering boards and control panel
* Transformers-step-up/down
* Building and civil foundation

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